Chimps Chimps Chimps

My class, and the class from Wingham have been working together in small groups. We all had a topic to research about the book Half Brother. Half Brother is a book written by Kenneth Oppel. Which we will be starting to read real soon. My group had to research chimps.

I liked learning about chimps, I learned a lot of interesting facts about chimps that I never knew before. One of the most interesting fact was that there are only about 12 000 chimps left in the world. The population of chimps has increased by 4 000 very recently! Also that chimps were created about  4-8 million years ago! Now chimps are located mostly around the central part of Africa.

Chimps mostly eat plant foods, like fruit, seeds, nuts, leaves and flowers. When they eat it is really messy, they shove food in their mouth, and only about half will actually go in. Did you know that chimps are the closest relatives to us humans? This is true, and I thought that was pretty interesting.

I found chimps a very interesting subject to research. I found some pretty interesting facts about them. Now that we have finished giving our presentations, I can’t wait to start the book. I don’t really have any predictions on what is going to happen in the book, Half Brother. But I can’t wait to start it!



Working with Wingham

We have been working with Wingham over the past weeks. We have been put into groups of four to complete a task. We are going to be reading the book Half Brother soon. So we are researching some of the thing that are going to be in it. Like poaching, chimps, life in the 70’s, animal research, animal cruelty evolution and sign language. My group had to research chimps, what they are like and anything about them.

We started with working on Google Docs. Google Docs is very cool because no matter how far away you are, its just like working together in one classroom. There is a chat room, plus the doc itself. When we were working in the doc, it was very organized and easy to do. We made questions about chimps in the document, then turned them into headlines after we answered them. My group worked really well in the doc, we all got along with no arguments. Once we were done finding information, it was off to Google Presentations.

Google Presentations was updated while we were working on our presentations. But since my groups was almost done all of our slides, we did not update ours. The old version (which we used) did not have a chat room in the presentation. So we just used the chat room in our doc. Working on the presentation was a little more difficult. My group members and I all had a tough time deciding how to organize the slides, and who was doing what. At first the kids in Wingham did not like the picture to fill up the full slide. But near the end, we all agreed that making the picture the full slide looked the best. Now that we are done making our presentation, we are ready to give the presentation.

I am kind of nervous to give our presentation, I’m not a big fan of getting up in front of two big classes. But since Kassie will be getting up to give it with me, makes me feel not so nervous. I think my group will do a great job on giving the presentation, we have nice slides and good information. Good job Shelby, Preston and Kassie, we did a fabulous job!