“What the Web is For” Project

In school we have been talking about what the web is for. We read about what the web is and what it is used for. Everyone did a project on what they use the web for. We had to pick four words of what we use the web for. Some people did models and some people did there’s in a box/shoe box. I did mine in a shoe box, I divided the box into four rooms.

I use the web for school. I write blogs in school, like I’m doing now. We use Google to research information. We use Google Doc’s to write for ELA, that way we don’t waste paper. Sometimes Mr. Fisher shows us videos and we have to write math questions on what we just saw. As a class, we use Skype to connect with the people in Wingham.

I use the web for instant messaging. I have MSN to connect with people. I connect with people around me, I connect with people I don’t see very often. Most people have Facebook to connect with people. Some people, like Mr. Fisher, connect with people all around the world. There are many instant messaging programs for people to connect.

I use the web for watching t.v. Sometimes when I’m bored I like to watch t.v, but if there is no good shows on, I like to watch t.v shows on the web. The internet has websites that you can watch t.v on. If you ever miss a episode of your favourite show, you can always catch up on the web.

I use the web for music. I like to listen to the newest music. I always listen, and buy music on itunes. I like to listen to music on my i-pod in my spare time.

My shoe box, was divided into four rooms. In one room I made a mini lap top and put itunes on the screen, with a i-pod on the desk, for my music room. For my t.v room I made another mini lap top and drew little people on the screen. In my instant messaging room I put two lap tops back to back, with China on one screen and Canada on the other. For my school room I made a table and put lap tops on the table with “Blog” or Google Doc’s on the screen.



Lots of people in Wingham and Snow Lake have a dog or dogs. I have only one dog, some people in Wingham have more than one dog.  Most of girls in Wingham watch the Much channel, most of the girls in Snow Lake watch that channel too. I like almost all the shows on Much!  Pretty much every one in Snow Lake and Wingham both like Facebook for their favourite online activity.


Some of the students in Wingham have after school jobs, but almost all the students in Snow Lake don’t. Almost all the people in  Wingham like soccer, a lot of  the student in Snow Lake put that they like all kind of sports. More people in Wingham take private lessons, only a couple of  students in Snow Lake take private lessons. I seen that some students in Wingham put, that they take horse back riding lessons. There are no horses around here!