Zan vs. Nim

We are finally done reading Half Brother, written by Kenneth Oppel. It took us 32 readings. Half Brother, I thought, was a pretty good book. I think that chimps and monkeys are so cute, so this book interested me. I would defiantly recommend this book to a friend, especially if they love chimps!

After reading the book Half Brother, we watched a documentary called Project Nim. Both of these were very similar but had some differences.

Both Half Brother and Project Nim were about an experiment of teaching chimps sign language. In both the book and documentary, both chimps learned a lot of signs, which I think is fascinating! In Project Nim, I found that a lot of the characters were similar. In Half Brother Peter is defiantly Bill in the documentary. In both, the chimps started off in a home with a family and bit people. Both Zan and Nim learned a lot of signs and they both had to go learn is some kind of room or chair that they did not like at all. Zan had to learn in a learning chair, which he hated. Nim had to learn in a room that had no windows or anything and he always wanted to get out. They both were taught to be like a human at the beginning and then were taught to be a chimp again. But there were a lot do differences.

In Project Nim, Nim liked to smoke and drink alcohol with the humans, in Half Brother Zan did not do any of those things. In Project Nim he lived with a mom, dad and many siblings. In Half Brother Zan had a mom, dad, but only one sibling. In Project Nim, Nim was a lot more mean to everyone; he bit a lot of people, even the people he really cared about. Although Zan did bit, he didn’t seem as mean as Nim did. Zan usually only bit the people he didn’t like. In the documentary they showed everything, including Nim going throught puberty. But in the book, the author didn’t tell us about any of that stuff.

Overall the book and the documentary were really interesting. I think the experiment that they did was really cool. I did not think of this experiment to be animal cruelty at all. But I would defiantly recommend the book and documentary  to my friends and family.


Thoughts on Meats and Leather

In our class and Mrs. Durnin’s class we have been reading a book called Half Brother, written by Kenneth Oppel. It is about a chimp learning sign language as an experiment. On the Idea Hive site Mrs. Dunin and Mr. Fisher wrote some questions about animal testing and stuff. They had us choose one question and do some thinking about it. I chose to answer, “Do you feel guilty about eating animals or wearing leather goods? Why or why not?”

I do not feel guilty for eating animals, mostly because I do not think about my meat being animals while I eat it. But if I do think about it being an animal, I do feel a little guilty. I do not ever go hunting because I don’t think I could do it. I would feel way to bad for hurting or killing an animal! But I am not against hunting, quite a few of my friend go hunting and I don’t really care if they do; unless I see the fur or something from the animals. I also feel really bad for all those animals killed in animal testing. But also I’m not so much against animal testing. Animal testing does help the health of us humans.

I am against wearing leather goods and fur. I think that there are other things to wear, that do not involve killing animals. Plus they are expensive, so why wear expensive leathers and furs that took an animals life? There are plenty of other types of clothing that you can wear, that do not involve animals. But if I ever see my friends wearing animal fur or leather, I would not say anything because if they like it then that’s alright. Everyone has their own opinion.

But there are  people that are the opposite as me, who feel that eating animals is completely bad and we should not do it. I know some people that are vegetarians and will not eat meat or even watch other people eat meat. Meat gives us protein, so it’s a little harder to get protein if you are  a vegetarian. Vegetarians eat nuts, soy, beans, tofu, and dairy products to get protein. But I can see how some people wouldn’t want to hurt animals, they are so cute!

On a scale of one to ten, I am a 5 on this issue. I can eat meat but I do feel a little guilty at times. I sometimes wear fur mukluk’s, but that is all the animal skins I wear. I do feel really bad for wearing animal furs but I do not wear a lot. What are your thoughts about eating animals and wearing animal furs? Comment below.

Chimps Chimps Chimps

My class, and the class from Wingham have been working together in small groups. We all had a topic to research about the book Half Brother. Half Brother is a book written by Kenneth Oppel. Which we will be starting to read real soon. My group had to research chimps.

I liked learning about chimps, I learned a lot of interesting facts about chimps that I never knew before. One of the most interesting fact was that there are only about 12 000 chimps left in the world. The population of chimps has increased by 4 000 very recently! Also that chimps were created about  4-8 million years ago! Now chimps are located mostly around the central part of Africa.

Chimps mostly eat plant foods, like fruit, seeds, nuts, leaves and flowers. When they eat it is really messy, they shove food in their mouth, and only about half will actually go in. Did you know that chimps are the closest relatives to us humans? This is true, and I thought that was pretty interesting.

I found chimps a very interesting subject to research. I found some pretty interesting facts about them. Now that we have finished giving our presentations, I can’t wait to start the book. I don’t really have any predictions on what is going to happen in the book, Half Brother. But I can’t wait to start it!


Working with Wingham

We have been working with Wingham over the past weeks. We have been put into groups of four to complete a task. We are going to be reading the book Half Brother soon. So we are researching some of the thing that are going to be in it. Like poaching, chimps, life in the 70’s, animal research, animal cruelty evolution and sign language. My group had to research chimps, what they are like and anything about them.

We started with working on Google Docs. Google Docs is very cool because no matter how far away you are, its just like working together in one classroom. There is a chat room, plus the doc itself. When we were working in the doc, it was very organized and easy to do. We made questions about chimps in the document, then turned them into headlines after we answered them. My group worked really well in the doc, we all got along with no arguments. Once we were done finding information, it was off to Google Presentations.

Google Presentations was updated while we were working on our presentations. But since my groups was almost done all of our slides, we did not update ours. The old version (which we used) did not have a chat room in the presentation. So we just used the chat room in our doc. Working on the presentation was a little more difficult. My group members and I all had a tough time deciding how to organize the slides, and who was doing what. At first the kids in Wingham did not like the picture to fill up the full slide. But near the end, we all agreed that making the picture the full slide looked the best. Now that we are done making our presentation, we are ready to give the presentation.

I am kind of nervous to give our presentation, I’m not a big fan of getting up in front of two big classes. But since Kassie will be getting up to give it with me, makes me feel not so nervous. I think my group will do a great job on giving the presentation, we have nice slides and good information. Good job Shelby, Preston and Kassie, we did a fabulous job!

The End of The Wave

These chapters are very interesting, more action than any other chapters. As I said last time, the chapters just keep getting better.

At the beginning of these chapters, Laurie went to the football game. She wanted to go up, higher in the stands. But she had to give The Wave salute or she wasn’t allowed to go up. Brad was the one who won’t let her go by. But Laurie wouldn’t give the salute.

Laurie had the meeting at her house, and of course, not  all of the members of the paper came. They wrote about The Wave, and how it was bad to be a member. Laurie showed Amy the paper, and she didn’t like it at all. Never have the school paper been scooped up so fast. Amy thinks that Laurie doesn’t like The Wave because she is not the only smart, popular one.

A bunch of Wave members from Mr. Ross’s class were talking and they want Laurie to stop writing bad things about The Wave. So Brian told David to go and talk to Laurie after school.

When Christy got home from school, she had to talk to Ben. She really wanted Ben to stop The Wave. Ben told Christy he will, but he needs them to learn a lesson first, so he needs some time. Back at the school, The Grapevine staff was having a party to celebrate the successful issue about The Wave. Laurie was the one who had to clean up after. When she was done, she went to her locker and one it was the word enemy, she turned around and started for the door. She her footsteps getting faster so she ran out the doors and as far as she could.

David and Brian were waiting for her to walk by, so David could talk to her. Laurie didn’t want to talk to him, which was making him mad. So he threw Laurie to the ground, but with the intention of The Wave. He was sorry the second he did it.

Laurie and David then showed up (late) at Ben’s house. They too told him he needed to stop The Wave. Mr. Ross wanted to know 2 students that were never part of The Wave, with that, Mr. Ross told them that no one could know that they were here. Then the students left.

The next day at school, Laurie and David interrupted the class, so they had to go to the office. Mr. Ross told the class, there would be a rally for Wave members only. Laurie and David both didn’t want to go. So they left school to go to the park, but when they were there, Laurie realized that they needed to go back.

At first Laurie and David couldn’t get in, but finally they got in. Just in time to hear what Mr. Ross had to say. Mr. Ross said the leader was Hitler. The lesson was that bad history can happen again, it was close to happening. Mr. Ross said he was sorry that it went so far, but he hopes it was a well learned lesson. Everyone left, but there was still Robert there, and he was sad. Mr. Ross then asked Robert to go get a bite to eat. Robert was changed from The Wave, and for the good.

There was one good thing about The Wave. It changed Robert and that was a good thing. He had a social life before, that he didn’t have before. The Wave was a terrible place, it was bad to be a member (in the end). But not for Robert, that is where he made friends, he felt like someone when he was in The Wave. Mr. Ross always seemed to have faith in Robert, even when he was weird. Like at the beginning of the book, Mr. Ross told Robert that no one expected him to be like his brother. It just seemed that throughout the book, Mr. Ross’s favourite student was Robert, even if he didn’t do good in his class.

At the beginning of the book, I thought it was going to be about the Nazis. But then in the middle I thought it wasn’t going to be about the Nazis. In the end, my prediction was right! But that was pretty much the only prediction that came true out of all of my predictions. I thought that Mr. Ross would lose his job, he didn’t, but he was sure close to it. Principal Owens was pretty mad at Mr. Ross about all of the complaints. I was pretty surprised that he didn’t lose his job.

It was very interesting how Mr. Ross ended The Wave. I thought Mr. Ross was just going to tell all of the students on the intercom, that The Wave is over. Throughout the book, I didn’t think Mr. Ross knew what he was doing. But he did in the end, it was a well learned lesson for the students. I thought he was like the bad guy in the book, but he turned out to be prettygood. When Mr. Ross told the members that the leader was Hitler. I wonder what they thought at that moment? I think they would seem very confused. 

This was a very interesting book. One of the most interesting part of this book, is that it was based on a true story. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a short and interesting book.

The Wave- The Experiment That Went Too Far

In this set of reading, it really shows the classroom experiment that went too far (like on the cover).

In these chapters, Ben thought about expansion of The Wave. The Wave is not only in the senior history class, it has expanded around the school. Ben thinks it is interesting that his experiment could help the football team to win.

Mrs. Saunders is worried about Laurie taking The Wave too seriously. But Laurie keeps on tell her mom that she isn’t, but her mom is still worried.

In these chapters we meet the principal of the school, Principal Owens. He wanted to talk to Ben about The Wave. When Ben was walking to the principal’s office, there was students putting up posters and saluting to him. Owens doesn’t really know if The Wave is such a good idea. But mostly, he just doesn’t want any complaints.  On his way back, Robert was following him. Robert wanted to make sure that ‘the leader’ of The Wave was safe. Robert is now Ben’s bodyguard.

While Laurie was sitting in the publications office, a white envelope was on the floor. She opened it and inside was a note from a junior. There wasn’t a name on it anywhere. Laurie read the note, it was about a junior who wasn’t a member of The Wave. A senior tried to pressure him/her into joining like the rest of his friends. On the note he/she said, that the senior said to him, if he doesn’t join then he would be too late. The person wanted to know, “Too late for what?”

At the end of these chapters Laurie seen Brian and another boy fighting, they were punching each other. David told Laurie that he was Deutsch. He wasn’t a member of The Wave and he wanted to take Brian’s position as the quarterback. Laurie and David then started fighting about The Wave and David told Laurie to go find a new boyfriend.

Laurie, Alex and Carl are going to have a non Wave member meeting at Laurie’s house on Sunday at two o’clock. When Laurie went home her dad came into her room and told her that some kids were beating up a Jewish kid. Laurie told her dad that The Wave was not ment to be like the Nazis.

Last week my prediction was that Laurie and David would break up, and they did. I thought that they would break up because David it taking The Wave way more serious than it should be taking. Laurie told her mom that she doesn’t take The Wave seriously, which I think, is a good thing. The hint that made me wonder if they would stay together was, David didn’t come over to study like he usually does. I think it is a good thing that Laurie and David broke up because it seems that David always seemed more into football and The Wave than into her.

My predictions for the next set of chapters are that Mr. Ross will lose his job. I think that there will be a bunch of parent that come and complain about The Wave. In this set of chapters, Principal Owens made it clear that he didn’t want any complaints. So if parents come to complain about The Wave, Owens will get mad and Mr. Ross will lose his job.

I also predict that the junior who wrote Laurie that not in the envelope will show up at Laurie’s house for the meeting. During the time that Laurie, Alex and Carl were making the plans for the meeting, the Wave-rally (pep-rally) was going on. Since this junior isn’t a member, he/she probably didn’t go. So he could have been listening to them talk. It’s a book, anything can happen.

As we read each set of chapters, they just keep getting more and more interesting.

The Wave- Second Set

This week, our class read chapters 5-8. In these chapters, a lot more happened then the last set of chapters we read. This book is getting a lot more interesting.

In the beginning of these chapters, it started in Mr. Ross’s history class. Mr. Ross started off the class with writing on the blackboard: STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE. Mr. Ross made everyone sit in their desks with great posture. Robert not only participated in this activity, but did it the best. Mr. Ross then came up with three rules: First, everyone needed pencils and paper for taking notes. Two, when they answer a question, they had to get up and stand beside their desk. Three, before answering a question, they have to first say, “Mr. Ross.”

Mr. Ross then started asking random students to answer history questions. After that day was done, Mr. Ross told Christy that tomorrow they had to start learning about the Japanese campaign. But the next day the students sat in their desks with great posture, without being told. They also followed the rules, without being told.

The class is now known as The Wave. Mr. Ross then made mottoes, a salute and a symbol, all to represent The Wave. David now wants the football team to be like The Wave, so that they act as a team.

Laurie told her parents all about The Wave, but he mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Mr. Ross and Christy were also talking about The Wave, and how it has changed the entire class. So far it has changed them for the better.

The next day when the kids went to school, Mr. Ross handed all the students membership cards. Brian and Robert had a red X on the back on them, which meant that they are the ones who tell Mr. Ross when the other members of The Wave didn’t obey the rules. Later on that day, all of the members of The Wave sat at the same table at lunch. All the students talked about The Wave, they all seemed to like it. Then Laurie said that she didn’t know if she like being part of The Wave.

The character that I like the least, would have to be David. I don’t really like David because he seems mean and bossy. First, he took Mr. Ross’s idea of The Wave. Although he stole it for the football team to act as a team. He could have come up with something else, with the same idea. He seems very bossy and controlling. He seems bossy because he tells all of the members of The Wave what to do (out of Mr. Ross’s class). He acts like he knows everything about everything. But he can also be very sweet, and when he wants something, he’ll try hard to get it. For example: He really liked Laurie, they started dating because of David walking with her almost every day to school. He wanted Laurie to be his girlfriend and he succeeded. He wanted the football team to act like a team, with Mr. Ross’s idea, he seems to be getting there. Everyone seemed to like the idea. David wants to be an engineer and he seems to be getting there, talking with Laurie’s dad and taking calculus.

The Wave is now known as a group because they have a lot of the kinds of thing that groups should have. This group has a name, they are known as The Wave. The Wave has a salute, it is: cup your right hand in the shape of a wave, then tap it against your left shoulder and hold it upright. They have mottos, which are: “Strength Through Discipline, “Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action.”
They also have membership cards, and a leader and it’s followers. Finally, they have a symbol, a circle with waves inside (just like on the cover of the book). Mr. Ross said their symbol represents the pattern of change and it has movement, direction and impact.

This book is not what I expected, but it is still a good book. I thought it would have more to do with the Nazis.