Zan vs. Nim

We are finally done reading Half Brother, written by Kenneth Oppel. It took us 32 readings. Half Brother, I thought, was a pretty good book. I think that chimps and monkeys are so cute, so this book interested me. I would defiantly recommend this book to a friend, especially if they love chimps!

After reading the book Half Brother, we watched a documentary called Project Nim. Both of these were very similar but had some differences.

Both Half Brother and Project Nim were about an experiment of teaching chimps sign language. In both the book and documentary, both chimps learned a lot of signs, which I think is fascinating! In Project Nim, I found that a lot of the characters were similar. In Half Brother Peter is defiantly Bill in the documentary. In both, the chimps started off in a home with a family and bit people. Both Zan and Nim learned a lot of signs and they both had to go learn is some kind of room or chair that they did not like at all. Zan had to learn in a learning chair, which he hated. Nim had to learn in a room that had no windows or anything and he always wanted to get out. They both were taught to be like a human at the beginning and then were taught to be a chimp again. But there were a lot do differences.

In Project Nim, Nim liked to smoke and drink alcohol with the humans, in Half Brother Zan did not do any of those things. In Project Nim he lived with a mom, dad and many siblings. In Half Brother Zan had a mom, dad, but only one sibling. In Project Nim, Nim was a lot more mean to everyone; he bit a lot of people, even the people he really cared about. Although Zan did bit, he didn’t seem as mean as Nim did. Zan usually only bit the people he didn’t like. In the documentary they showed everything, including Nim going throught puberty. But in the book, the author didn’t tell us about any of that stuff.

Overall the book and the documentary were really interesting. I think the experiment that they did was really cool. I did not think of this experiment to be animal cruelty at all. But I would defiantly recommend the book and documentary  to my friends and family.


2 Responses to “Zan vs. Nim”

  1. dirtbiker77 Says:

    Oh hey! Your post was very fascinating! :p haha that’s all!
    Your dearest friend,
    Syd :p

  2. korisock Says:

    I agree that both the movie and book were great. I loved all of the links to different pages you put in. I noticed too that Kenneth Oppel made Zan much nicer than Nim. In the movie they said chimps saw the bad and good in people very easily, maybe that’s why Nim bit some of the people, because they weren’t all good. Just like how in the book Zan tried to bite the new student who he’d just met. I agree that the experiment wasn’t slavery, but I think it was wrong for them to take Nim away from his mother and leave him alone in that sanctuary. What was your favourite part of the documentary?

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