Finally Half Way

We just finished mid-terms, which means we are half way through the year. Then it will finally be summer. I can’t wait to go tubing, golfing and cruising in the Camaro. I also can’t wait to see my friends from out-of-town! It seems like it took forever to get here, compared to last year. Last year the entire year seemed to fly. On our first day back, of the half way point, Mr. Fisher had us to do some thinking about our exam and about goals and stuff.

At the beginning of the year Mr. Fisher had everyone write a letter to ourselves, that we would open in June. In that letter we set goals for ourselves for the school year, out of school and in our life. We did the same thing last year, and it was a lot of fun to see what we each wrote to ourselves.

One of my goals was to get over 80% on all my midterms. I think I did a good job at achieving my goal. I tried to study hard, and I think it paid off. On my math exam I got a 93%, 89% on my science, 91% on my social studies and 95% on my ELA. I was very pleased with my exam marks! What I did to achieve my goal of getting over 80%, is I started with organizing all my stuff, then I would read it all over. I made worksheets for myself, so I could quiz myself. My best friend Syd always makes little card with information that we need to know, and I also studied off those. I also studied with her a lot; we would go through our reviews and ask each other questions. I asked Mr. Fisher for some maps and blank worksheets that I could re-do to help me study. But there are a few things that I wish I would have done, and will try to do in future years.

I wish I would have started studying a little earlier. When I get into high school and take exams, I think this will help me learn more. I also want to try to study without getting distracted. Maybe I should try to study more by myself, and maybe I won’t get as distracted. I also made a mistake this year while studying. I looked at my review and saw one thing that I was positive wasn’t going to be on the exam, so I didn’t study it. But it was on the exam, so I lost 3 marks on that. So I want to make sure I study everything in future years. But hopefully I don’t have to start this until next year.

I don’t want to start this until next year because I’m hoping I don’t have to write finals. I’m hoping that I get full exemptions! If I don’t have to write my finals I will be sleeping in, go swimming, chill with my other friends that got exemptions and more. I can’t wait until June, last month of school!

Mr. Fisher had us write a six word story about the year so far, since we are at the half way point. I wrote, “The school year should hurry up!” I wrote this because this school  year seems to drag on. I think it is because last year I was in a class with most of my friends, and it was really fun. So this year should hurry up, then I will be in high school finally!


One Response to “Finally Half Way”

  1. dirtbiker77 Says:

    Your technique is very good for studying! I guess the cars helped us both out. I learned a lot more when you read them out too me. I can not wait until Sam, Sumari, and Nick come. I was talking too Sam and she that we should all Skype sometime this week. I can not wait until the summer. I really liked those pics you used!


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