Finding Similarities and Differences

All the kids in the idea hive classroom took a survey. The survey was about us, so that we could all get to know each other better. Now that we have finished the survey, we have all looked at the results and now we have to answer some questions about it.

One thing that we all have in common is, we all brush our teeth. There wasn’t an answer that we all answered the same.

Something I have in common with most is, most of the people have there favourite website as Facebook. The people who’s favourite website is Facebook are Savannah, Karidrap, CassAdam, Melimast, Logaheme, DylanW, AlysHuff, Isaac, Tannmcar, Tannlewi, Dylasche, Justschi, Tegagric, Cassidy, Syd, Juli, Katelyn, Kassie, Logan, Mercedes, Madisyn and Chantal.

Something I have in common with only a few people is, having a family guy as my favourite t.v. show. The people I have this in common with are Willpark, Tannmcar, Kelly, Jordan and Lyndon.

Something that is unique about me is, I’m the only one who has a nickname as Joannie. I am also the only one who wants to be a helicopter pilot.

The person that I think is the most like me is AlysHuff  because we both have dogs, we both like pretty little liars (sorry forgot to put it down as my favourite show!) , we both want to go to Mexico, we both like watching hockey, we both brush our teeth at least twice a day, and love Facebook.

My question that I still wonder is, do you guys go snowmobiling in Wingham a lot?


8 Responses to “Finding Similarities and Differences”

  1. noah9135 Says:

    Hey Joan

    My name is Noah and think it is neat that we will be able to get to know each other better. And yes Facebook is one of my favourite websites I just go on Youtube more. Now that they changed Facebook more it is not fun to go on it now. Who gave you that nickname Joannie. Yes I do go snowmobiling a lot at my place just outside.


    • lemon16 Says:

      Yeah, I didn’t really like the update either… But I still love Facebook! I don’t really know who gave me that nickname, I got it when I was really young.

  2. ethajohn Says:

    I thought it was cool that you like Family Guy. I think it is interesting that you want to be a helicopter driver when your older. I have a dog too. What kind of dog do you have?

  3. isaaerri Says:

    Hey Joan
    I really liked you post I thought it was really good. I think my favorite part was when you said that you where most like AlysHuff because of how much detail you put in. Also I liked you question about if we snowmobile in Wingham and that it a yes a lot of people snowmobile we have really big trails made for snowmobiles.

  4. jeff Says:

    I saw that you want to be a helicopter pilot. My Dads cousin was a airplane pilot himself. The thing I really like about your post is that you use so much detail. Here in Wingham we go snowmobiling in fields, on the trails and at the park. How often do you go snowmobling?

    • lemon16 Says:

      My dad and grandpa are both helicopter pilots, they also fly planes, but that is not something I’d like to do. I just want to fly helicopters. I like to go snowmobiling as often as I can! If I could go everyday after school, in the winter, I defiantly would! We snowmobile on Lakes and trails.

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