Summer Fun!

My passion would have to be anything to do in the summer. I love to tube, which I did a lot of this summer. I went tubing a lot with my friends and sister. My sister bought a Nikon D3100 this summer, so we took a lot of amazing pictures of tubing. Some of the pictures we  took look crazy! Tubing is so much fun, because it’s scary.

Another thing I like to do, which is in the summer is swim. I love to go swimming with my friends and cousins. I went swimming a lot when my cousins were here from Newfoundland. I also did a lot of swimming when my friends from out of town were in. I like swimming because it is refreshing, and it’s exercise. I especially like swimming in my backyard. My backyard, is the lake, its pretty cool! So when I get cold from the lake, I just run up the small hill, and go into my hot tub. My hot tub is outside, just off the deck. 

Another thing I like to do in the summer is go fishing at Burntwood. Burntwood is my families lodge. My sister, Jamie, went out there this summer and worked there. So while she was out there my cousins and I went out there and visited her. It takes about 20 minutes to get out there by plane or helicopter.

I also like to play sports in the summer, like volleyball. This summer I played volleyball with my friends in my backyard, which was lots of fun. We also jumped on the trampoline a lot! I also went in our paddle boat with Shelby, Brady, Nicholas, Logan and my sister a lot! It was so much fun swimming off of it.

I love summer, and all the thing to do in the summer. I also like winter, but I like summer is better!  


One Response to “Summer Fun!”

  1. jordan Says:

    I also like to go swimming and tubing, it is a lot of fun when you hit them big waves on the tube and when you are about to fly of but you are still hanging on by the handle and just skipping on the water when still getting pulled by the tub, haha.
    K well i guess i got to go and i will comment on one of your other post’s .

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