Hello Again

     Hello again, it’s my second year of writing on my blog.  As you already know, my name is Joan. I live in a little town in Manitoba Canada. Now I’m in grade eight, and it is a lot different because we are in a different classroom, and a different hallway. This year it going to be interesting, but I can’t wait till next year!

     After school I like to go golfing with my friends, and triple on Syd’s bike. By triple on Syd’s bike I mean, my sister, Syd and me all ride on  Syd’s bike. It’s lots of fun! I love playing Call of Duty, I can’t wait for MW3! My favourite colour is purple and lime green. My favourite book is The Last Song. My two favourite sports are golfing and hockey. My favourite t.v shows are Pretty Little Liars, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Degrassi, American Dad and The Ellen Degeneres Show. My friends that I hang out with are Syd, Brady, Austin, Logan, Cole, KadeRiley and Jordan. I love summer and winter, but I’m not a fan of fall or spring!

     Looking forward to another exciting year in Mr. Fisher’s class. I am also looking forward to working with the class in Wingham again!


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