The End of The Wave

These chapters are very interesting, more action than any other chapters. As I said last time, the chapters just keep getting better.

At the beginning of these chapters, Laurie went to the football game. She wanted to go up, higher in the stands. But she had to give The Wave salute or she wasn’t allowed to go up. Brad was the one who won’t let her go by. But Laurie wouldn’t give the salute.

Laurie had the meeting at her house, and of course, not  all of the members of the paper came. They wrote about The Wave, and how it was bad to be a member. Laurie showed Amy the paper, and she didn’t like it at all. Never have the school paper been scooped up so fast. Amy thinks that Laurie doesn’t like The Wave because she is not the only smart, popular one.

A bunch of Wave members from Mr. Ross’s class were talking and they want Laurie to stop writing bad things about The Wave. So Brian told David to go and talk to Laurie after school.

When Christy got home from school, she had to talk to Ben. She really wanted Ben to stop The Wave. Ben told Christy he will, but he needs them to learn a lesson first, so he needs some time. Back at the school, The Grapevine staff was having a party to celebrate the successful issue about The Wave. Laurie was the one who had to clean up after. When she was done, she went to her locker and one it was the word enemy, she turned around and started for the door. She her footsteps getting faster so she ran out the doors and as far as she could.

David and Brian were waiting for her to walk by, so David could talk to her. Laurie didn’t want to talk to him, which was making him mad. So he threw Laurie to the ground, but with the intention of The Wave. He was sorry the second he did it.

Laurie and David then showed up (late) at Ben’s house. They too told him he needed to stop The Wave. Mr. Ross wanted to know 2 students that were never part of The Wave, with that, Mr. Ross told them that no one could know that they were here. Then the students left.

The next day at school, Laurie and David interrupted the class, so they had to go to the office. Mr. Ross told the class, there would be a rally for Wave members only. Laurie and David both didn’t want to go. So they left school to go to the park, but when they were there, Laurie realized that they needed to go back.

At first Laurie and David couldn’t get in, but finally they got in. Just in time to hear what Mr. Ross had to say. Mr. Ross said the leader was Hitler. The lesson was that bad history can happen again, it was close to happening. Mr. Ross said he was sorry that it went so far, but he hopes it was a well learned lesson. Everyone left, but there was still Robert there, and he was sad. Mr. Ross then asked Robert to go get a bite to eat. Robert was changed from The Wave, and for the good.

There was one good thing about The Wave. It changed Robert and that was a good thing. He had a social life before, that he didn’t have before. The Wave was a terrible place, it was bad to be a member (in the end). But not for Robert, that is where he made friends, he felt like someone when he was in The Wave. Mr. Ross always seemed to have faith in Robert, even when he was weird. Like at the beginning of the book, Mr. Ross told Robert that no one expected him to be like his brother. It just seemed that throughout the book, Mr. Ross’s favourite student was Robert, even if he didn’t do good in his class.

At the beginning of the book, I thought it was going to be about the Nazis. But then in the middle I thought it wasn’t going to be about the Nazis. In the end, my prediction was right! But that was pretty much the only prediction that came true out of all of my predictions. I thought that Mr. Ross would lose his job, he didn’t, but he was sure close to it. Principal Owens was pretty mad at Mr. Ross about all of the complaints. I was pretty surprised that he didn’t lose his job.

It was very interesting how Mr. Ross ended The Wave. I thought Mr. Ross was just going to tell all of the students on the intercom, that The Wave is over. Throughout the book, I didn’t think Mr. Ross knew what he was doing. But he did in the end, it was a well learned lesson for the students. I thought he was like the bad guy in the book, but he turned out to be prettygood. When Mr. Ross told the members that the leader was Hitler. I wonder what they thought at that moment? I think they would seem very confused. 

This was a very interesting book. One of the most interesting part of this book, is that it was based on a true story. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a short and interesting book.


6 Responses to “The End of The Wave”

  1. heaven76 Says:

    I really like how you wrote something like it was bad to be a member at the end but it was good to be a member if you were Robert. Do you think Robert is an interesting character?? Is there things you lie about Robert?? If you were David would you have been nice to Robert??
    😀 🙂

  2. jessiegurl 16 Says:

    You made some good predictions, with what you thought was going to happen as it came to the end of the book. You were right about Robert, the Wave did change him for the better! Do you think the Wave changed any of the other members for good or worse?

  3. Frank Says:

    I was also surprised that Mr. Ross didn’t lose his job. I was glad that The wave at least helped somebody.
    What do you think it would be like if you had him for a teacher now, after The Wave?

  4. Ken Says:

    Yeah, I think Mr. Ross picked a very intense way of ending the wave. It’s kind of crazy. anyways nice post! Did you like the book? :3

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