The Wave- The Experiment That Went Too Far

In this set of reading, it really shows the classroom experiment that went too far (like on the cover).

In these chapters, Ben thought about expansion of The Wave. The Wave is not only in the senior history class, it has expanded around the school. Ben thinks it is interesting that his experiment could help the football team to win.

Mrs. Saunders is worried about Laurie taking The Wave too seriously. But Laurie keeps on tell her mom that she isn’t, but her mom is still worried.

In these chapters we meet the principal of the school, Principal Owens. He wanted to talk to Ben about The Wave. When Ben was walking to the principal’s office, there was students putting up posters and saluting to him. Owens doesn’t really know if The Wave is such a good idea. But mostly, he just doesn’t want any complaints.  On his way back, Robert was following him. Robert wanted to make sure that ‘the leader’ of The Wave was safe. Robert is now Ben’s bodyguard.

While Laurie was sitting in the publications office, a white envelope was on the floor. She opened it and inside was a note from a junior. There wasn’t a name on it anywhere. Laurie read the note, it was about a junior who wasn’t a member of The Wave. A senior tried to pressure him/her into joining like the rest of his friends. On the note he/she said, that the senior said to him, if he doesn’t join then he would be too late. The person wanted to know, “Too late for what?”

At the end of these chapters Laurie seen Brian and another boy fighting, they were punching each other. David told Laurie that he was Deutsch. He wasn’t a member of The Wave and he wanted to take Brian’s position as the quarterback. Laurie and David then started fighting about The Wave and David told Laurie to go find a new boyfriend.

Laurie, Alex and Carl are going to have a non Wave member meeting at Laurie’s house on Sunday at two o’clock. When Laurie went home her dad came into her room and told her that some kids were beating up a Jewish kid. Laurie told her dad that The Wave was not ment to be like the Nazis.

Last week my prediction was that Laurie and David would break up, and they did. I thought that they would break up because David it taking The Wave way more serious than it should be taking. Laurie told her mom that she doesn’t take The Wave seriously, which I think, is a good thing. The hint that made me wonder if they would stay together was, David didn’t come over to study like he usually does. I think it is a good thing that Laurie and David broke up because it seems that David always seemed more into football and The Wave than into her.

My predictions for the next set of chapters are that Mr. Ross will lose his job. I think that there will be a bunch of parent that come and complain about The Wave. In this set of chapters, Principal Owens made it clear that he didn’t want any complaints. So if parents come to complain about The Wave, Owens will get mad and Mr. Ross will lose his job.

I also predict that the junior who wrote Laurie that not in the envelope will show up at Laurie’s house for the meeting. During the time that Laurie, Alex and Carl were making the plans for the meeting, the Wave-rally (pep-rally) was going on. Since this junior isn’t a member, he/she probably didn’t go. So he could have been listening to them talk. It’s a book, anything can happen.

As we read each set of chapters, they just keep getting more and more interesting.


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