The Wave- Second Set

This week, our class read chapters 5-8. In these chapters, a lot more happened then the last set of chapters we read. This book is getting a lot more interesting.

In the beginning of these chapters, it started in Mr. Ross’s history class. Mr. Ross started off the class with writing on the blackboard: STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE. Mr. Ross made everyone sit in their desks with great posture. Robert not only participated in this activity, but did it the best. Mr. Ross then came up with three rules: First, everyone needed pencils and paper for taking notes. Two, when they answer a question, they had to get up and stand beside their desk. Three, before answering a question, they have to first say, “Mr. Ross.”

Mr. Ross then started asking random students to answer history questions. After that day was done, Mr. Ross told Christy that tomorrow they had to start learning about the Japanese campaign. But the next day the students sat in their desks with great posture, without being told. They also followed the rules, without being told.

The class is now known as The Wave. Mr. Ross then made mottoes, a salute and a symbol, all to represent The Wave. David now wants the football team to be like The Wave, so that they act as a team.

Laurie told her parents all about The Wave, but he mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Mr. Ross and Christy were also talking about The Wave, and how it has changed the entire class. So far it has changed them for the better.

The next day when the kids went to school, Mr. Ross handed all the students membership cards. Brian and Robert had a red X on the back on them, which meant that they are the ones who tell Mr. Ross when the other members of The Wave didn’t obey the rules. Later on that day, all of the members of The Wave sat at the same table at lunch. All the students talked about The Wave, they all seemed to like it. Then Laurie said that she didn’t know if she like being part of The Wave.

The character that I like the least, would have to be David. I don’t really like David because he seems mean and bossy. First, he took Mr. Ross’s idea of The Wave. Although he stole it for the football team to act as a team. He could have come up with something else, with the same idea. He seems very bossy and controlling. He seems bossy because he tells all of the members of The Wave what to do (out of Mr. Ross’s class). He acts like he knows everything about everything. But he can also be very sweet, and when he wants something, he’ll try hard to get it. For example: He really liked Laurie, they started dating because of David walking with her almost every day to school. He wanted Laurie to be his girlfriend and he succeeded. He wanted the football team to act like a team, with Mr. Ross’s idea, he seems to be getting there. Everyone seemed to like the idea. David wants to be an engineer and he seems to be getting there, talking with Laurie’s dad and taking calculus.

The Wave is now known as a group because they have a lot of the kinds of thing that groups should have. This group has a name, they are known as The Wave. The Wave has a salute, it is: cup your right hand in the shape of a wave, then tap it against your left shoulder and hold it upright. They have mottos, which are: “Strength Through Discipline, “Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action.”
They also have membership cards, and a leader and it’s followers. Finally, they have a symbol, a circle with waves inside (just like on the cover of the book). Mr. Ross said their symbol represents the pattern of change and it has movement, direction and impact.

This book is not what I expected, but it is still a good book. I thought it would have more to do with the Nazis.


3 Responses to “The Wave- Second Set”

  1. ThePunkk14 Says:

    I like how you’re giving your opinion on what you thought the book would be about. I also like how you wrote about your least favourite character and what you dislike (and like) about them.
    You also had a good closing paragraph, telling what made The Wave a proper group

  2. heaven76 Says:

    WOW…..what a detailed blog post 😀 . Why do you think Mr.Ross came up with the motto’s?? How do you think Mr.Ross came up with them?? How far do you think the wave will go until someone stops it?

  3. jessiegurl 16 Says:

    You did a good job on the summery, this week. I thought the book would be different too. It’s not what I expected at all. What do you think will happen as the book goes on?

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