The Wave, The Beginning of the Book

Our class is reading a book called The Wave. The author of the book is Todd Strasser. The Wave is based on a true story, an incident in a high school in California, 1969. We were assigned to read chapters 1-4 then write a blog post about it. 

In these chapters, it is mostly about meeting the characters. In these chapters we met quite a few characters. First we met Laurie, she is a pretty girl with light-brown hair. Laurie is the publications officer for the school paper, The Gordon Grapevine. Alex and Carl, two of the biggest practical jokers in Gordon High, also work for the school paper. Laurie’s best friend is Amy, who we also met these chapters.

In these chapters we met two characters who play on the school’s football team. One named David, who is Laurie’s boyfriend, and Brian, who is the quarterback of the team.

All of these characters are students at Gordon High School. They also all take Mr. Ross’s (Ben Ross) history class. Ben has a wife and her name is Christy. Also Robert, a really weird student, takes Mr. Ross’s history class.

Besides meeting the characters, these chapters were about Mr. Ross’s class. In his class the students watched a documentary on the Nazis and the concentration camps. Mr. Ross told the students all about that time period, Adolf Hitler, when and where it took place, and more. This documentary really disturbed  some of the students! After the documentary, some of the students asked questions on it, but Mr. Ross couldn’t answer all of them. Questions that were about, why didn’t someone try to stop them. The fact that he couldn’t answer some of the questions really bothered him. After going home, reading book after book on Nazis, he came up with an idea. He was going to give his class a taste of what life was like in Nazis Germany.

When they watched the documentary on Nazis Germany was my favourite part of these chapters. It was my favourite part because I loved learning about that kind of stuff. It is scary to think about what happened. I find it exciting to learn about it because it was such a crazy thing that happened. It is not like learning other social studies units, it’s different. Learning about World War 2 is my favourite social studies unit. It was a very bad thing that Hitler did. But it is a very important part of history, that we can’t let happen again.

I like books with beginnings that are fast. I don’t like a slow starting, I just want to be immediately interested in the book. I would much rather a book that jumps right into the exciting part, than a book with lots of detail at the beginning, then gets into the interesting part. I like the way this book starts off, I liked the book after just reading a couple of chapters. This book started off describing the characters, but it didn’t have so much detail that I became bored with the book.

I like to read novels about the WW2 time period. I love the book, The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, it is about a boy who meets another boy in a concentration camp. Mr. Ross is going to give the students a taste of what it was like to live in Nazis Germany, sounds like an exciting book so far.


8 Responses to “The Wave, The Beginning of the Book”

  1. gibson106 Says:

    I agree, I also like books that have fast beginnings, that just jump into the story. I like what you wrote so far! Can’t wait to see more post’s. Yes lets hope this doesn’t happen again.

  2. airforceracer Says:

    That was a very good retelling and response. Looks like you put alot of effort into your post. Good post.

  3. dirtbiker77 Says:

    Wow! That is a very well done post! i really like how you told good response’s and the re-telling was awesome! I like fats starting books to, because it makes them more exciting!


  4. foserious22 Says:

    Hi Joan, I also think that World War 2 is fun to learn about even though it was so horrific. My favourite part in the book so far would have to be when they watched the documentory to. I wonder what will happen to the Mr.Rosses class next.

  5. Kade Says:

    Nice blog post I like how the book started off slow and then it picked up speed over the chapters. I wonder why Ben Ross wants to show the kids what the Nazi’s did. Good post Keep it up :)!

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