PS3 Hacked by George Hotz

PlayStation hackers are being sued by Sony, for publishing how to bypass the security features on the PlayStation 3 game console. Now that it has been hacked, people are able to get games, for free. The PS3 was considered the most secure games console ever built.

To hack this console you need a Sony’s digital signature, using a pair of keys. One of those keys is called the root key. George Hotz figured out Sony root key for the PS3 and then, was able to trick the PS3 into applying Sony signatures to any file.

Here is what George Hotz has to say about this:
“I am a firm believer in digital rights. I would expect a company that prides itself on intellectual property to be well versed in the provisions of the law, so I am disappointed in Sony’s current action. I have spoken with legal counsel and I feel comfortable that Sony’s action against me doesn’t have any basis.”

I think this is wrong, it is wrong to hack anything. Also in this article, it mentions that in 2007 George Hotz unlocked the Apple’s iPhone.

There was a comment on the bottom about, now will they come out with PS4. Then someone answered it, they said that xbox has been hacked for a long time. But games are still being bought. While I was reading the article, I was wondering this too. Eventhough PS3 has been hacked, doesn’t mean people aren’t going to buy the games.

For more information, you can go to:


2 Responses to “PS3 Hacked by George Hotz”

  1. airforceracer Says:

    I wonder why it took them three years to hack the ps3. I also wonder if people will still buy there games for the play station 3.

  2. heaven76 Says:

    This is a good blog post and i was wondering do you think hacking is a good thing or do you think people shouldn’t be doing it? do you think people will still buy the games??
    😀 🙂

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