Liesel’s Life of Conflict

When we started reading The Book Thief, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the book at all and I thought it was weird. It was always a book full of conflict. The main character is Liesel Memminger. Liesel is a foster child, who moved in with the Hubermann’s. Liesel has conflict with herself and others.

She has conflict with herself because of guilt. Liesel steals stuff all the time. She steals book and food, with her friend Rudy. The guilt of stealing her first book. I don’t think she feels as much guilt as she used to when she stole the first book.

She has conflict with others because  Liesel got into a  fight with kids at school. This part was early in the book. When she used to do something wrong she would get a beating and yelled at by her forter-mother. But later on in the book, Liesel doesn’t get beat anymore. The foster-mother changes because of Max.

Max is a Jew who was hiding in the Hubermann’s basement. Leisel thinks of Max as a brother, because her real brother died.

This book is really powerful and interesting. This is a great book, full of conflict. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a great, exciting book.


6 Responses to “Liesel’s Life of Conflict”

  1. dirtbiker77 Says:

    Hi Joan!
    I like how you had told about Liesel by telling that, “She has conflict with herself because of guilt.” I thought that was pretty interesting!
    I really thought that you had a lot of great detail!

    Why do you think she has conflict on herself because of guilt now after she has stolen so many things?

  2. Mr Fisher Says:

    This post has a great title! 🙂 I agree with you, this book does have a beginning that is difficult to understand. I also think that this shows us; that by sticking with something, we can struggle through the difficulties and improve our chances of understanding it. I’m glad that you are enjoying it now.

  3. frontflip687 Says:

    Why do you think Max’s changed Rosa? I think that she change because if the Nazi they might search the house and find Max

  4. alyshuff Says:

    Hey Joan it’s Alyssa from Turnberry. Good job on your blog! I like how you added in a lot of detail about what we have previously read in The Book Thief. I am so happy that Max came to the Hubermann’s home because it really changed Rosa, and made life a lot better for the whole family. I am also happy that Liesel is not getting beaten, and not getting into fights at school anymore! I know that I have never been in a situation like Liesel is in…she must have been so scared, and then so relieved when Max got there. How do you think she was feeling when Max got there? Great post. Check out my blog post on conflict in the Book Thief at Thanks!

  5. Ethan Says:

    Hi Joan, Awesome post! I agree with you when you said Liesel should feel guilty but doesn’t. I think Liesel doesn’t think when she steals books from people any more she just dose it. I look forward to see what else you write!

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