Bamboo Cases

In the South West Regional Agro-Pastoral show, there are vegetables, fruits, live animals homemade products and gadgets made from local materials. On of the homemade products was cases made of bamboo.

The cases that were made were for cell phones and laptop cases. These cases were good for function and green design. I think these cases are great, they are made of bamboo, so they are strong and durable cases.

The man who made these cases, makes other things out of bamboo. He calls all of these bamboo products, ‘Bamboo Magic.’ He uses simple hand tools, varnish and glue. It would take a lot of patience to make these products. I think I would get frustrated trying to make these products.

The laptop cases have  USB port access, shoulder strap attachments, handle to carry the case, magnetic clasps, and a red felt inside.

I think these cases are very handy. I think the cases for the laptop is great because of what it has- the carry handle and more. If you like the look of wood, the look of these cases would be great for you.


One Response to “Bamboo Cases”

  1. Mr Fisher Says:

    It’ interesting to me that both weeks you have chosen stories about the environment to write about. Are you concerned about the environment? What about our environment in Snow Lake?

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