Fiji Water

I came across this post and decided to tell you about it. Fiji Water is a company for water.

The government announced the new tax on water bottlers. Then a few days later Fiji Water shut down their bottling plant. They said they were shutting down Fiji Water and canceling all contracts.  They closed it because of a new government tax.

With the country’s Water Resources Tax that charges 8 US cents per liter if they bring out more than 3.5 million liters per month. Fiji Water thinks that the taxes are unfair. The bottlers will still pay .06 US cents per liter.

Fiji Water’s taxes had been all cleared up. so then, less than 24 hours after shutting down, reopened it. They reopened for business in Western Viti Levu. With Fiji Water reopening, they can continue to make money.

For more information on this story, go to:


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