The Book Thief

 Between Mr. Fisher’s class and Mrs. Durnin class, we have been reading a book called The Book Thief. We have just finished part 1 of this book. In the book so far there has been some characters not lots, but some. I would like to tell you about the the Steiner family- Rudy and Alex.
Rudy Steiner is the son of Alex Steiner. Rudy likes Liesel, Liesel is mostly the main character in this book. They raced each other down the street. If Rudy won, he got to kiss Liesel and if Liesel won, she didn’t have to play goal in soccor. Another thing Rudy did was, he painted himself black like Jesse Owens. His father did not like that at all If you don’t know who Jesse Owens is then, Jesse Owen was a athlete. I think that Rudy is a nice kid, but has a  different way of expressing his feelings. Why would you want to kiss a girl you just met? I mean, when he just met Liesel he already wanted to kiss her! But other than that I think Rudy is a great to Liesel.

Alex and Rudy live on Himmel Street in the town of Molching. Alex Steiner (Rudy’s dad) is a member of the Nazi party. But not because he hate Jews, because it is good for his business. Alex Steiner is a tailer. Being part of the Nazi party is good for his business because the Jews would be put out of business, which means more business for him. I think that Alex is a good dad for Rudy. He can get mad at Rudy, but what parent does not get mad at there child.

One quote that I liked was when his father said, “I know, son- but you’ve got beautiful blond hair and big, safe blue eyes.” He said that when Rudy dressed up as Jesse Owens.

If you want to learn more about the whole book, then go to this link:


3 Responses to “The Book Thief”

  1. Heather Durnin Says:


    You’re right – Alex is a member of the Nazi party because it’s good for business. It reminds me of many people today who join organizations, like the Knights of Columbus, Masons, etc. for the same reasons.

    It makes you realize that it wasn’t just Hitler’s greed that was a driving factor behind WW II. Those who supported him to fuel their own success were just as guilty.

  2. korisock Says:

    I really liked how in your blog post you added extra detail into what Rudy is like in the story. Do you think that Rudy and Liesel will get together later on in the text? I can see it happening. You have a very good writer’s voice, it is like you are right here telling me your opinions. What do you think will happen to Alex’s family at the end of the book?

    • lemon16 Says:

      I can see Liesel and Rudy together later in the book. Well I already know what is going to happen in the end of the book, because someone in my class spoiled it for me!

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