Canadian Land Battles- D-Day- WW2

In world war two there were many frightening battles, but I chose to talk about one.

The one I chose was D-Day or ” Operation Overlord.” D-Day was on June 6th, 1944. Just like any battle in world war two, it took courage, determination and self-sacrifice to be involved. D-Day was an invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe, began with Allied armies from the U.S., Britain and Canada landing on the coast of Normandy. The Canadians fought on Juno beach. Juno beach was one of the code names for the places on D-Day.

There were about 14000 young Canadian soldiers fighting on that day at Juno beach. But unfortunately there were over 1000 Canadian casualties, with more than 400 killed. The military planners had given Canada a major role on D-Day. The soldiers ran across the wide-open beaches with machine guns shooting. They fought their way into the towns of Bernières, Courseulles and St. Aubin. Let us never forget what the Canadian soldiers had to do. Just like the other battles in world war two, D-Day was frightening and terrible.

There were about 140000 soldiers that were involved in D-Day.There were about 155000 soldiers, 5000 ships and landing craft, 50000 vehicles and 11000 planes coming to battle. Many lives were lost that day.

Let us never ever forget what has happened, and never let it happen again.


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