Lots of people in Wingham and Snow Lake have a dog or dogs. I have only one dog, some people in Wingham have more than one dog.  Most of girls in Wingham watch the Much channel, most of the girls in Snow Lake watch that channel too. I like almost all the shows on Much!  Pretty much every one in Snow Lake and Wingham both like Facebook for their favourite online activity.


Some of the students in Wingham have after school jobs, but almost all the students in Snow Lake don’t. Almost all the people in  Wingham like soccer, a lot of  the student in Snow Lake put that they like all kind of sports. More people in Wingham take private lessons, only a couple of  students in Snow Lake take private lessons. I seen that some students in Wingham put, that they take horse back riding lessons. There are no horses around here!


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  1. ideahive Says:

    I think it is very interesting that even though we are 2 700 kms apart, we have so many similarities. – Mr. Fisher

  2. shelgree Says:

    Hi Joan, it’s Shelby. I really like how you had the similarities and differences in two different paragraphs. You were talking about how most of the girls from the Idea Hive like to watch much. I like to watch much as well but, I didn’t have enough room to say that I like it in the surveys. My favourite show that I like to watch on much is One Tree Hill. I have been sad without it because they are making the seventh season so it is not playing :(. I was wondering what is you favourite show is on much?


    • lemon16 Says:

      I can’t really say my favourite show on Much because I really like three of them, they are Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life Of An American Teenager and Degrassi.

      • jadymurr Says:

        September 21 2010
        I like how you started with talking about dogs. I have two dogs Resse and Searia. What’s your dogs name? I like to play soccer and go on Facebook. I like the Much channel. Do you wish you had more animals where you live? Which ones?

      • lemon16 Says:

        I have a dog and his name is Tubby, he is really cute, but fat. I don’t like soccer at all, but I love hockey and the much channel. By animal, what animals do you mean, wild life?

  3. iainthom Says:

    Hello Joan I really liked all the information you told me I could use the web for. Example MSN for talking to people using search engines to find information. Do you like to skype call with our class here in wingham.

    • lemon16 Says:

      Hey, I do like to do the Skype call with your class. I think it is pretty cool that we can communicate with each other. Do you like doing the Skype call with us in Snow Lake?

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