Hello Bloggers!


My name is Joan. I’m in grade seven, this is my first year of blogging. I have four people in my family, including me. I also have a dog and his name is Tubby. I like playing hockey and volleyball. I live in a small town in Canada. In the summer I love to go swimming with my friends. One of my friends is from South Africa. She is moving to Alberta soon. My friends and I hope her parents will tell her that they are going to stay. I play volleyball in the summer and in the winter. In the summer my friends and I play volleyball at the beach. In the winter we play volleyball in the school gym, sometimes just for fun but also for practice. In the winter I like to go snowmobiling, we go snowmobiling on our town lake and other lakes and trails around us. J.H.K school is the only school in the town. From nursery to grade twelve, elementary classes are all split. Nursery and kindergarten are together, grade one and two, three and four, five and six, and seven and eight. Once you get into high school you are with your own class. I really like to focus on my school studies. In J. H. K kids start exams when you are in grade seven. Well, keep checking out my blog!


One Response to “Hello Bloggers!”

  1. dirtbiker77 Says:

    Hey! I Love your background! It’s pretty sweet! We both wrote about how Sumari is moving. I’ll really miss her once she moves!

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